Street Art


In the first episode of the Ironlak street art series, we see Dale Grimshaw create a mural in Camden. 

Dale takes most of his inspiration and motivation from the struggles of untouched tribes, particularly from Papa New Guinea, but for this project, he takes a different direction to his usual mural work, exploring his own routs and looking into his own past and Celtic ancestry. This film provides an insight into the man who has become one of the UK's most prolific street art muralists. 

Motivated by faces and expressions, Dale looks for a tough exterior and the lesser seen, straying away from the "Loreal model" types.

This is the first episode in a series we have developed with Ironlak - other episodes lined up will include Amara Por Dios and Inkie (Tom Bingle).


Wappato Media House is collaborating with the american-based Chop Em Down films (@chopemdownfilms). As a result of these collaborations, Wappato is producing street art content with high calibre artists in Europe and further abroad. 

Cities of Hope

Coming soon.

Cities of Hope Street art festival took place in Manchester in June 2016. The festival features some of the world's best street artists who are invited to tackle and explore various social issues.

From environmental change to child soldiers, world class artists got together to portray their visions and attempt to give their perspective on issues throughout the world.

Cities of Hope Website

Cities of Hope was made possible through the help of social justice organisations such as Guns to Gods, Lifeshare, Back on Track and Partisan Collective.

FEATURING: C215, Pichiavo, Martin Watson, Dale Grimshaw, Phlegm, Nomad Clan, Hyro, Faith 47, Cause, Never Crew.