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Start Cold is an adventure collaboration between Wappato Media House and photographers Zeemon Erhardt and Olly Jelly. exploring and creating travel, branded and adventure media through documentary film and photography. Based in the UK, our adventures have lead us through the mountains of Northern Scotland too the Sunbaked sea cliffs of Sicily, Italy. Our ambition is to combine our love of adventure and exploration with traditional documentation and social media. Establishing an active and engaged online audience with views consistently in their thousands on platforms such as EpicTV, YouTube, Instagram and brand websites.   


Mike Chaney @mikecmonsterchaney - Zeemon Erhardt: - Olly Jelly @ollyjelley




Our second documentary for EpicTV, Iano depicts the unlikely and difficult relationship between Adventure Photographer Zeemon Erhardt and Rock climber Sebastian Costa. Their main objective was to establish a new multi-pitch route along the sea cliff's of Mondello, Sicily. However after a few short days of trial and error, doubts begin to blossom as both climbers turn against each other, attempting difficult tasks amongst the Mediterranean heat and each others discontent. This is a story about the lesser known risks of climbing, trust and impulse. 

Produced by: Hugo Pilcher (EpicTV) & DP Mike Chaney


The majority of our Scottish Winter essential content can be found on the link provided below.

Scottish deep winter solo 

During our shoot amongst the Scottish mountains, we made our way West to the Isle of Mull. The beautiful landscapes and untouched scenery made for a perfect break as well as the bizarre activity of deep water soloing in Scottish Winter. 

EpicTV YouTube link:  

gear review's

During our documentary shoots for EpicTV we often provide extra Gear Review content, exploring ropes, shoes, gear, helmets and anything necessary for adventure. Below are some more examples.

SICILY: La Sportiva/ Ascenders/ Helmets/ Ropes