Social Media


A majority of our work is focused on creating short, engaging content for social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook and Brand platforms. These online platforms have revolutionised the way we create films and more importantly changed the way we function as a team. As a result Wappato Media House lead the way in creating fast turn around social media content for festivals, events and online campaigns. We realise it's important for brands and events to showcase their product immediately or during an event or release, with our help we can create high-end professional content and turn it around within 24 hours, keeping your audience up to date and engaged. 

Below are a few examples from some of our favourite shoots for social media. For more examples please look at our ARTS or Casual Magazine section. 

henrick & crystal ship festival 

Brussels, Belgium

An Instagram cut for Henrik's piece at the Crystal Ship festival in Brussels. Taking a short, engaging story of his and incorporating it into his mural. 

tristan eaton (paris) 

Paris, France 

A short Instagram & Facebook piece for artists Tristan Eaton, documenting his mural on a water tower in the 13th art district, Paris.  


Miami, USA 

During our stay in Miami we created a short series of videos exploring gentrification and modernisation in poorer neighbourhoods. 

drome fashion show 

Paris, France 

A teaser for DROMe's Paris Fashion week show, created for Paris Fashion Week & Fashion  Online.