Ben newman & the frontiers of space 

Ben is an illustrator known for his playful characters and use of bright colour. He has produced wonderful work for Penguin, The New York Times and TATE Modern to name but three...

We came to into Ben's manically charged workspace to see what makes him tick... and perhaps also, to capture his fluffy companion Nico on film. What inspires Ben to create his work and what has led him to this point in his life, in Hastings? With a dog. Surrounded by old scrappy toys.

Filmed by Mike Chaney & Simon Pax McDowell.

Fusion - Neil Canning

When Neil invited to his home and studio in Cornwall, we knew we'd have to make something special. From the start Neil was an enthusiastic collaborator, giving us unfettered access to his studio where we quickly got lost in his art. We wanted to make something which would convey some of the mood, power and energy of his painting and hopefully provide viewers with a glimpse into the way he thinks and works.

Neil's website and work.

Filmed by Mike Chaney & Simon Pax McDowell. Edited by Claire Warr & Mike Chaney. Music by Angus MacRae.

Ironlak: dale grimshaw 

Dale takes us through the designs of his latest mural and how cultural heritage, anthropology and personality bring multiple elements into his work. Created for Ironlak Australia as apart of a multi episode series. 

That's That: The Three Loves of Vala

Valentina lives in an isolated mental health institution in Latvia: this documentary provides a brief glimpse into her life there, exploring her relationships with her brother, husband and closest friend, who live there too. One aim of this documentary is to remind and show viewers that we are all human: each of us share the same moments of joy, sadness, and love.

Underpinning this lies the deeper socio-cultural issue: With Latvia's recent history of occupation and independence, a Soviet attitude remains embedded in the Latvian people where there are still misconceptions about mental health. Ultimately this is not a film about 'crazy' people. It is a film about people and humanity.

A Co-Direction between Wappato Media House and Odd1OutProductions.

Won at: Royal Television Society (Wales), Cardiff Film Festival and Ffresh Film Festival, “Best of Welsh” at Wales International Documentary Festival.

Selected at: Ivy League Film Festival (USA), 57th Nordic Film Days Lübeck and the Royal Television Society Awards (UK), The Next Film Festival Odense, Denmark.

Screened at: Aesthetica Film Festival, American University Bulgaria, École Supérieure d’Audiovisuel, France, La Guarimba, Italy. Riga White Nights City Festival, Latvia