ongoing projects 

On this page we'd like to give you a brief idea on some of the projects we're working on. Long-form documentaries by nature tend to take a long time to produce, this way we have a platform to showcase some of the photos, shorts, behind the scenes and news pieces we've created during the process. Currently we have ongoing productions in Colombia, Venezuela and West Papua (Indonesia)

 Bolívar fuerte 


In Venezuela the people fight a corrupts government for what seems intangible democracy. Here we explore the juxtaposition between violent and non-violent protest as we see aggressive clashes between police, civilians and those who make a clear stand yet vulnerable stand. Documented through the photographic eye of Rayner Pena and Vanessa Tarentino, we see the true extent of cruelty reached by the Venezuelan Government and discover what lies ahead for this country in perpetual turmoil.




Papua to the people 

West Papua (Indonesia) 

In West Papua, an age old conflict endures between the Indigenous people and the Indonesian government. With access to oil, valuable materials and the world’s largest gold mine, West Papua has become a significant commodity for Indonesia and amongst great wealth comes great oppression. Skirting the line of a strict no-journalism policy, we document the story through situ and ink with illustrator & reporter George Butler, who’s paintings a worth a thousand pictures.