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Based out of Cardiff, Wales & Barcelona, Spain. Wappato Media House is a Documentary Collective originally started by Mike Chaney and Simon Pax McDowell. Our priority is to create engaging, intimate and genuine documentary focused content for Brands, Social Media and Online Platforms.

We endeavour to build excellent working relationships with the people we know and work with, constantly evolving what we do and how we do it. Our one true goal is to always tell a great story - but we also strive to tell stories in new ways, aiming to surprise with our craft and be that little bit less obvious. Mike and Simon met at the Newport Film School where they both received degrees in Documentary Film & Television.

Mike is a British born filmmaker who grew up in Australia and England and has spent recent years between Australia and Wales. He has a background in filming  street art content, profiles, adventure sport and most recently short documentaries with the British Army as part of the Media Operations Group.

Simon is an Irish-Luxembourger who has lived and travelled extensively in Europe. His background is in art and languages: he speaks French, German, Luxembourgish and English. Raised in the EU, he has an ability to easily understand and adapt to new people and places. His international world view is reflected in his eclectic tastes in art, architecture and music.