Wappato Media House has persistently been creating documentary and social media content for various creative mediums and the arts. Our portfolio stretches throughout the world exploring cultural heritage, technique, studios and inspiration throughout fine art, graphic design, fashion, street art and photography. Over recent years we've been working with leaders in the street art scene, ChopEmDown Films. Proving frequent social media content for Mural festivals and artists primarily in Europe and the USA. 


Some of our earliest films were within the studio, since then we've collaborated with Universal Music, Angus MacRae, Bill Laurence, Alex Baranowski, DECCA Records and more to create beautiful and cinematic studio sessions in London. 

creatives we've worked with 

OBEY/ Neil Canning/ Universal Music/ Lomography/ Saint Paul's Cathedral/ Araby/ Ben Newman/ Bill Laurence/ Tor Art/ Robert Mendoza/ Glasgow Orchestra/ Marian Capdevila/ INTI/ Cities of Hope/ Lauren & the Lost Boy's/ Alexis Pazoumian/ Cybele Malinowski/ Phlegm/ Kentaro Yoshida/ Tavar Zawacki/ Secret Walls/ Celeste Worna/ CITIES/ Sculpt Surf/ Earlies/ Audry Kawasaki/ Alex Baranowski/ Alexi's Diaz/ DECCA Records/ HipiCat/ Aude Le Barbey/ Henrik Uldalen/ Mina Lima/ Dumebi/ Tristan Eaton/ Paris Fashion Week/ The Ayoub Sisters/ Angus MacRae/ Dale Grimshaw/ PichiAvo/ CASE/ Ironlak/ ADD FULE/ Jean Bonnet/ Furn Chua/ Fashion Week Online/ Institute of Digital Archeology/ Marion Moulin/ Music Lab Collective



Miami, USA 

Filmed during Wynwood Walls for ZARA Fashion. Tavar Zawacki or better know as ABOVE, explores the origins of and juxtaposition between graffiti and street art. 


Lisbon, Portugal 

A studio session with Diogo Machado (ADD FUEL) looking into the traditional craft of Portuguese tiles and how history and modern art collide. 


Barcelona, Spain

A teaser for INTI's upcoming solo show in Paris. Barcelona based fine artist and muralist shows us around his studio and gives us a taste of what's to come in his show Profane. 


London, UK 

A short studio session with muralist, street and fine artist Phlegm. Looking into his traditional and highly meticulous brass plate screen printing.

Neil Canning 

Devon, UK 

British abstract painter Neil Canning gives us a brief and exciting look into his new solo show FUSION. 


Miami, USA 

Created as apart of the Juxtaposz club house during Art Basel in Miami. Conor's enormous mural explores Americas infatuation with their flag. 









Over the last few years we've maintained a strong relationship with the Music Lab Collective within Universal Music. Shooting extensive Studio session content for VEVO and their social media accounts.